The artist and engraver

Czeslaw Slania (1921-2005) was a Polish artist and engraver who is widely regarded as one of the greatest stamp engravers in history. 

Slania is known for his highly detailed and intricate engravings of postage stamps, which have been used by many countries around the world. Slania was born on October 22, 1921, in Bielsko-Biala, Poland. He showed an early talent for drawing and painting and studied at the State School of Fine Arts in Kraków. In 1949, he began working for the Polish State Printing Works, where he began his career as an engraver. 

Slania's breakthrough as a stamp engraver came in 1951, when he was asked to create a portrait of Joseph Stalin for a Soviet stamp. The stamp was a huge success, and Slania quickly gained a reputation as one of the world's top engravers. He went on to create many more stamps for Poland and other countries, including Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States. 

Slania was known for his meticulous attention to detail and his ability to capture the essence of a subject in his engravings. He was particularly skilled at creating portraits and landscapes, and his work was highly sought after by collectors around the world. In addition to his work as a stamp engraver, Slania also created engravings for banknotes and medals. He was awarded many honors during his lifetime, including the Order of the White Eagle, the highest honor in Poland. 

He died on March 17, 2005, in Kraków, Poland, at the age of 83.   Czeslaw Slania created a large number of stamps throughout his career, for various countries around the world. Here are some of his notable stamp designs and the years they were issued: 

* Sweden: Slania designed over 500 stamps for Sweden, including the 1973 Europa stamp, the 1986 Gustav II Adolf stamp, and the 1992 King Carl XVI Gustaf stamp. 

* Poland: Slania designed many stamps for his native Poland, including the 1955 Pope John Paul II stamp, the 1974 Constitution of May 3rd stamp, and the 1994 Fryderyk Chopin stamp. 

* United Kingdom: Slania designed the 1981 Royal Wedding stamp and the 1990 Queen Mother stamp for the United Kingdom. 

* United States: Slania designed several stamps for the United States, including the 1981 American Wildlife series and the 1984 Olympic Games stamp. 

* Monaco: Slania designed many stamps for Monaco, including the 1978 stamp for the 25th anniversary of Prince Rainier III's reign and the 1992 Princess Grace stamp. 

These are just a few examples of the many stamps that Slania designed throughout his career. His work is highly regarded for its attention to detail, technical precision, and artistic skill, and his stamp designs continue to be admired by collectors and enthusiasts around the world.   

Czeslaw Slania did not write any books as far as we know. However, there have been several books written about his life and work, and some of them include reproductions of his engravings. Here are a few examples: 

*  "Czeslaw Slania: Mistrz Rytownictwa" by Janusz Dunaczek (in Polish). This book is a comprehensive overview of Slania's life and work, with many reproductions of his engravings.

* "The Engraving Art of Czeslaw Slania" by Henryk Dmochowski. This book includes a selection of Slania's most famous engravings, along with biographical information and technical details about his work.

* "The Art of Czeslaw Slania: Stamps, Banknotes, Medals, Paintings" by Dag Hammarskjold Foundation. This book features reproductions of Slania's engravings, as well as other examples of his artwork in various media. 

These books, along with others, offer insight into Slania's life and work and provide a way for admirers of his art to appreciate his engravings outside of their original context on postage stamps.