Disclaimer The Swedish version is the valid one.

1. Purpose Czeslaw Slania The aim of the society is to cherish the memory of Czeslaw Slania and to promote and increase knowledge of stamp-making technology from prototype to finished product. Special interest should be given to engraved stamps.   

2. Membership Czeslaw Slania The community is open to everyone. Membership is obtained through an application to the secretary, which is examined by the board. The annual meeting may call persons deemed worthy to be honorary members. Czeslaw Slania was the community's first honorary member.   

3. Charges Membership fee must be paid per business year that coincides with the calendar year. The size of the membership fee for the following year is determined at the association's annual meeting. Honorary member does not pay a fee.   

4. Board of Directors Czeslaw Slania The society's board consists of at least five people, elected for one year by the annual meeting. The annual meeting appoints the chairman of the board. A secretary and a cash manager are appointed within the board. The annual meeting also appoints two deputies, elected for one year.   

5. Annual meeting The board calls for an annual meeting to be held in May at the latest. Notice must be issued no later than 14 days before the meeting. At the annual meeting, the following shall occur:   Election of chairman and secretary for the annual meeting and two adjusters for the minutes of the annual meeting. Board and auditor's report and issue of discharge from liability. Decision on annual and entry fee for the coming year. Election of the chairman of the board. Election of other board members and deputy board members. Election of two auditors. Other questions raised in writing no later than one week before the annual meeting.   At the annual meeting, each member present has one vote. 

6. Other gatherings In addition to the annual meeting, the board can call an autumn meeting in October or November.   

7. Economy The right to issue receipts and collect funds on behalf of the association and to sign the association's company goes to the chairman or cashier individually.   

8. Amendment of Articles of Association and dissolution Amendments to the statutes can be made at the annual meeting with a three-quarters majority. Decisions on the dissolution of the community require a decision at an annual meeting and an extra annual meeting, to which all members have been called. In both cases, a three-quarters majority is required. How the association's assets are to be handled is decided at the extra meeting by a simple majority. 

The association's statutes were adopted for the first time at the founding meeting of the Czeslaw Slania Society at the Postal Museum in Stockholm on November 24, 1981, and have previously been amended at the annual meetings in 1987 and 1988. This version was approved at the annual meeting on March 10, 2018.

For the moment there is no fee for membership!